Our Kindergarten 

To frolic in the fresh air, to jump over logs, to play with objects they find in their natural surroundings: In Munich's first bilingual (German / English) forest kindergarten "Lumberjack", which opened in the Aubinger Lohe in September 2015, children have the time and space to fulfill their natural urge to move. The kindergarten day takes place almost entirely outside, in all weather conditions, where the children are supported, educated and supervised just as they are in a conventional kindergarten.

Far away from the modern world with its flood of stimuli, the time spent in the peace and quiet of the forest promotes a better sense of well being and inner balance. Thus, the girls and boys can concentrate and deal with stressful situations better. They also learn to link free play with structured learning.

The Lumberjack forest kindergarten consists of a maximum of 20 children from age 3 until their entry into school. The teaching team consists of German and English native speakers who consistently speak in their native language so that the children will learn English through the immersion method. This way the children will learn their second language in a playful and natural way.

More information about our educational approach and our daily activities: our pedagogical principles