Our Team


Cornelia Hackner

Head of the Lumberjack Waldkindergarten

Native German speaker

I have worked for the Münchner Schulstiftung since 2010 and for the first five years I was a group leader at their Jan-Amos-Comenius-Kinderhaus in Pasing. Even there it was already important for me to bring the children closer to nature and give them the opportunity to play outside. During my time at the Kinderhaus I completed my training to become a qualified outdoor educator where I learned in depth about forest pedagogic.

Since September 2015, I lead the bilingual forest kindergarten from the Münchner Schulstiftung in the beautiful Aubinger Lohe. I am excited to have the opportunity here to share my enthusiasm for the outdoors and give our little Lumberjacks a place to play and learn in the forest.

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Shauna McCarey

Early Childhood Educator

Native English speaker

I first began my role in the Lumberjack Waldkindergarten in September 2020. I began by education focused on Montessori education in Dublin. Here I had the opportunity to work within a Montessori setting whilst completing my Bachelors in early years.

Throughout my studies emphasis was always placed in surrounding the children with nature. This gives each child the opportunity to explore nature, by using all of their senses. It is an important aspect of a child’s life to be surrounded by nature as it promotes the growth of the child. Nature aids and supports the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of a child. Due to this I wanted to move closer to a nature orientated place of education.

My previous place of employment also put great emphasis on bilingualism. I was very amazed how quickly a child was able to pick up a second language taught within the school, through role play, songs and stories. I believe promoting bilingualism at a young age gives a child greater opportunities later on in life.

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Lino Binder

Deutschsprachiger Erzieher

Native German speaker

During my voluntary social year 2012, in a municipal afterschool care center and kindergarten, I had my first contact with educational work. In the years that followed I traveled, and I also gained experience in working in an Animal sanctuary and I also worked in finance in the catering trade.
In 2021 I decided to do an apprenticeship as a childcare worker in a forest kindergarten. This combined my joy for working with children and my love for nature.
Since that time, I have been convinced of forest pedagogy. Such an intensive experience of the forest enables children to have a healthy and stable development for their body and mind.
Through work and stress, we often isolate ourselves from nature, I think it very valuable for children to have the opportunity early on to build a connection to this.
I'm happy to be able to accompany the Lumberjacks on this.

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Zeliha Aykut


"Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr"

Ich bin Zeliha und bin 23 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus der Türkei und wohne seit einem Jahr in Deutschland. Ich habe in der Türkei Psychologie studiert und will noch in Deutschland einen Master in Entwicklungspsychologie machen. Letztes Jahr habe ich als Au-pair bei einer deutschen Familie gearbeitet und habe mich um zwei Kinder gekümmert. Während dieser Zeit wurde mir klar, dass ich glücklich war, Zeit mit den Kindern zu verbringen. Und so entschied ich mich, einen Beruf zu wählen, in dem ich mit Kindern zusammen sein könnte. Ich bin so glücklich, jetzt bei Lumberjack zu sein. Ich denke, dass ein Jahr Freiwilligenarbeit in Lumberjack in Zukunft eine sehr wichtige Erfahrung für mein Berufsleben sein wird.

I'm Zeliha and I'm 23 years old. I come from Turkey and have been living in Germany for a year. I studied psychology in Turkey and still want to do a master's degree in developmental psychology in Germany. Last year I worked as an au pair for a German family and took care of two children. During this time, I realized that I was happy in spending time with children. And so, I decided to choose a profession where I could work with children. I'm so happy to be with Lumberjacks now. I think a year of volunteering with the Lumberjacks will be a very important experience in my professional life going forward.



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